Join the Technology of Future

JoinTech invests considerable resources into its partnership program to ensure the very best in seamless “application-ready” products for our customers. That includes the chips and components we use, operating system, application software and our distributors/resellers.

JoinTech is a member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner program and is committed to the support and integration of Windows CE, Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded technologies. It was established to enable customers to identify best-in-class companies who have demonstrated excellence in building and enabling Windows Powered solutions in particular.JoinTech’s great strength is being able to combine the technical expertise of the hardware designs with the detailed understanding of the operating system features.

JoinTech is actively involved in the BSP (board support package) Technical events hosted by Microsoft several times each year. This ensures we gain maximum insight into emerging Windows CE .NET technologies and lets our Windows Embedded Teams provide the best-in-class Design Service capabilities expected from us.

We Welcome You …
We welcome partners to come and join hands with us in this great venture. Let us know if there is any way you can Join us to develop, enhance, add more value, promote or resell our products. Don’t be shy if you are a small company or even an individual. Send us your proposal how you think you can join the JoinTech Partner Program.

As a Hardware Vendor:
If you are a hardware vendor and your part/component/accessory can be a part of our product. We are excited to know about this. Please give us the detail regarding that with prices and your current customers and market.

As a Manufacturer or Service Provider:

If your company is a manufacturer of any product which can be bundled with our product we can always consider the market plan to bundle and sell together. Keep in view our customers and market and see if your product can be combined with a good offer to our customers.

As a Software Developer/Company:

We already have lot of renowned Software companies joining our partner program. If your Software is PC based then consider modifying it for the WinCE platform and get millions of new users from our Laptop customers. This could be on Royalty basis, OEM or one time purchase from us. Or we can simply provide a link to your website so that our customers can directly buy from you. We will be happy to provide all the technical documentation and help you would need to fine tune your software for our products if required. Your software could be of any category that can be imagined.

As an Educational Institute:

Educational institutes (Private/Gov. Schools, Colleges, Universities, and NGOs etc) can become our partner by placing bulk orders. As a partner they can enjoy direct support to there students from JoinTech and fee of cost customization of there educational content for the Laptop. The ideas for the educational purposes in unlimited. Please contact us to discuss further.

As a Corporate:
Corporate can become our partner by offering our laptops to either their staff or their customers. We can add special customer software to meet your corporate or customer service needs. Plus being a member of our partner program, you can get more advertisement and coverage while you enjoy the product at further reduced cost and other benefits.

Please keep in mind that being our partner, your members are entitled to get direct support from us and can have free or reduced cost upgrades of our products and software.
Please send us your idea, inquiry or proposal at