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Established in 2006 in Hong Kong, JoinTech has always been focused on creating totally reliable electronic systems for data processing, communications and control in industrial and commercial applications. Today, the technologies may have changed, but the core values and expertise of our business remain as they always were – cost-effective and innovative solutions with fully supported design and manufacturing capabilities.

At JoinTech, we work closely with our customers to engineer a total solution from initial concept, through complete electronic, mechanical and software design, to extended lifetime support – this is the key to our success. Our engineering and support teams offer an enormous depth of experience in the field of hardware design, embedded operating systems, communications protocols and system design. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most comprehensive ready-to-run development tools in our industry – ensuring that our OEM customers can bring their products to market as fast as possible.


Reliable and safe high performance solutions to meet power requirements in all environmental conditions.

Grid & UPS

High power and long service life solutions for increased network stability and quality.


Reliable and long-lasting solutions supporting the transition to renewable energy sources.


Efficient and robust energy storage solutions for thousands of applications.

Our Products



The usage of super capacitors in hybrid/electric vehicles has a lot of advantages over traditional batteries. As it helps to store energy of high power density and also make it more long-lasting, reliable and efficient. These super capacitors are designed for special applications like power assistance for hybrid/electric vehicles, start-stop system, power steering, electrical braking, voltage stabilization and control peak load in hybrid vehicles.

Energy Network & UPS

The poor distribution of energy network, industrial loads and maintenance operations can be cause of power outage and service interruptions which lead you to financial losses. Due to which almost all industries and reliant on uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).

Wind Power

Wind energy power plants has a complex control situation because it depends on torque and out power power on wind speed. So, when the wind speeds are too high, ultra-capacitor are used to perform reliable and safe operations of the wind power plant.

Solar Power

For getting maximum output power from a solar power plant, the position of solar plates’s cell must have to follow the direction of the sun light. For this procedure some amount of energy is required which can be achieved by using the ultra-capacitors storage.


There are infinite industrial operations that requires reliable, efficient and long-lasting high-power energy storage solutions. In that case Ultra-capacitors can be the best technology in numerous applications.

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